Memory Enclave Leads to Crash


This document is published because Microsoft said that is NOT a security bug. (!!!) So, I published this document only for educational purpose.

About two months ago, I’ve played with Memory Enclaves in win10.

Memory enclaves are secure zones in a process address space where code and data are protected by the CPU from code running outside the enclave. Conversely, code running inside an enclave has full (normal) access to process address space outside the enclave. Naturally, the protection extends to access from other processes and even code running in kernel mode.

Windows Internals 7th Edition – Part 1

Firstly, this feature implemented by Intel SGX. Starting with Windows 10 version 1511, some APIs are introduced.
In this case, I’ve worked with the latter and used these APIs:

  • IsEnclaveTypeSupported to check you could use this feature or not
  • OpenProcess to get handle to current process
  • CreateEnclave to create a zone
  • InitializeEnclave to init the created zone

To be honest, I did not do any reverse engineering or fuzzing or … to get this crash. MSDN Helped me! 🙂 You may ask How?
I had a plan to create a secure zone for fun to write my arbitrary buffer to and read from it. So, I decided to use Memory Envcalves.
Unfortunately (or in our case, fortunately), Microsoft documentation for memory enclaves is not enough and has some problems. So, I had to keep my work by search and trial and error.
This is the story about how I got the crash.


  1. Update your Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (Tested on Windows 10 x64 – Version 21H2 – OS Build 19044.1645)
  2. Enable VBS (Virtualization-based Security)
  3. Compile the code for x64 arch in debug or release mode and run it


You can download the source code from github:

author: @7eRoM

#include "pch.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <memory>
#include <processthreadsapi.h>
#include <enclaveapi.h>

int main()
	if (!IsEnclaveTypeSupported(ENCLAVE_TYPE_VBS)) {
		std::cout << "ENCLAVE_TYPE_VBS is not supported." << std::endl;
		return 1;

	HANDLE hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, FALSE, GetCurrentProcessId());

	ENCLAVE_CREATE_INFO_VBS enclave_create_info_vbs = { 0 };
	enclave_create_info_vbs.Flags = ENCLAVE_VBS_FLAG_DEBUG;
	LPVOID lpAddress = CreateEnclave(GetCurrentProcess(), nullptr, 2097152, 0, ENCLAVE_TYPE_VBS, &enclave_create_info_vbs, sizeof(ENCLAVE_CREATE_INFO_VBS), nullptr);
	if (lpAddress == nullptr) {
		std::cout << "CreateEnclave failed: " << GetLastError() << std::endl;
		return 1;

	// Would be crashed after this call
	bool init = InitializeEnclave(hProcess, lpAddress, &enclave_create_info_vbs, sizeof(ENCLAVE_CREATE_INFO_VBS), nullptr);
	if (!init) {
		std::cout << "InitializeEnclave failed: " << GetLastError() << std::endl;
		return 1;

	// Some other code

	return 0;




I reported the bug via MSRC with Submission number VULN-061938 and Case number 70209.


Microsoft said that is not a security bug.


I published this document.

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